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Oil Change Pensacola

Posted on November 10,15 by reynoldsautoservices

oil change pensacola

Engine Oil Engine oil is what lubricates a car's engine, allowing it to run smoothly and last longer. Car owners must maintain their cars' engines by changing the oil and using the oil appropriate for their cars' makes and models. Every car comes with a check oil light and an oil filter under the hood. These components allow car owners to monitor their oil levels and add oil as needed without having to hire a mechanic. Changing the Oil An important part of routine car maintenance is changing the oil regularly. The necessary frequency of oil changes has become a point of contention among experts. The Engine Oil Bible maintains that engine oil can't be changed often enough, but Nordic Group insists that, with the advent of detergent oils and multi-weight oils, some vehicles can go as far as 6,000 miles before needing an oil change. The best course of action is to check the owner's manual and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. An obvious benefit of changing one's own oil is saving money, but oil change services frequently advertise bargains. If the check engine oil light comes on when you’re driving, this is a strong indication that the car is running low on oil. A driver does not need a mechanic to add oil. However, if the oil light stays on or lights up shortly after adding oil, there may be a leak, and a mechanic should look at the car.

Brake Service Pensacola

Posted on November 10,15 by reynoldsautoservices

Brakes are crucial to keeping you and your loved ones safe on the road. If you have ever had problems with your brakes, you can attest to the fact that it can be a terrible experience. By having your brakes inspected twice a year, you can protect yourself and your passengers, and you can save money by catching any problems before they become too costly. Inspecting your brakes twice a year for wear and damage can protect you and your passengers. Additionally, it will help you save money by catching any damage before it becomes too costly. What do we check during our inspection of your brakes? The master cylinder is the heart of your vehicle’s braking system, and it holds the brake fluid when it is not being delivered to the brakes through the brake lines. If brake fluid leaks because the master cylinder is worn or brake lines are plugged or broken, the fluid cannot be delivered, and the brake pads will become ruined. When Reynolds Automotive Services inspects your brakes, we will make sure the master cylinder is in good condition. The brake fluid itself can become dirty or contaminated as it draws rust-causing moisture and picks up other debris, or it can break down from excess heat. Clean brake fluid is either clear or slightly yellow while dirty brake fluid may be brown or even black. Old and dirty brake fluid can damage brake systems internally. During your brake inspection at Reynolds Automotive Services, we will check your brake fluid to make sure it is clean. The brake lines connect to the master cylinder through a combination valve, which combines metering and proportioning valves. It regulates the pressure on the front and rear wheels to make sure both sets of brakes are applied simultaneously. A malfunctioning combination valve can cause the wheels to lock up. To ensure your safety, the experts at Reynolds Automotive Services will make sure your vehicle’s combination valve is working properly. Brake pads and shoes can be made of ceramic, metal or organic materials while the disk rotors and drums they press against are made of metal. Because pads and shoes create friction to stop the car, they gradually wear down over time and may wear away completely, letting the metal of the calipers and cylinders to which they are attached grind against the rotors and drums and damage them. Some pads have a metal strip attached to them that sounds a warning whistle when the pad becomes too worn, but this strip sounds only when the car is in motion and the brakes are not applied. When we inspect your brakes, we will make sure your brake pads are in good condition.

Reynolds Automotive Services Is The Place To Go For Power Steering Repair

Posted on November 10,15 by reynoldsautoservices

Do you need your vehicle's power steering repair or inspected? If you do, then there is only one place you should go to, and that place is Reynolds Automotive Services. They are the go to place, and there are a number of reasons why.

Power Steering Repair Pensacola1. Qualified Staff- Reynolds Automotive Services has qualified professionals that can handle any issues with your power-steering. There can be many things wrong with it, and you want to make sure you only have a qualified professional inspecting the steering. This is exactly why you should bring your vehicle into the shop.

2. Timely Service- When you have an issue with your steering, then you want to get it sorted as soon as possible. The experts at Reynolds Automotive Services know this and you can rest assure they will provide you with timely service. Simply bring your vehicle in, and we will inspect your steering and let you know what's wrong and when they can make the repairs. If you want timely service and you want your power steering fixed as soon as possible, then your best bet is to bring your vehicle down to the experts at Reynolds Auto Services.

3. Have Worked On Many Vehicles- You want your car's power steering system to be worked on by someone who has performed many repairs because this means they will provide you with quality repairs and will do it right the first time around. Reynolds Automotive Services have fixed many power-steering issues in vehicles and we can fix yours as well. There is a reason why many people bring their cars here to Reynolds when they have steering issues, and that reason is because of how many vehicles we've have worked on and the service we provide to our clients.

4. Know What To Expect- If there is something wrong with your  power steering, then you want to know exactly what will be done to fix it and how much it will cost. In other words, you want to know upfront what to expect, and when you bring your car to us here at Reynolds Automotive Services, you will know exactly what to expect before we work on your steering system.

5. Fair Prices- Having your power steering system inspected and repaired doesn't have to cost a lot of money. At least this is the case when you go to Reynolds Automotive Services. We charge fair prices, and do our best to deliver high quality services.

Reynolds Automotive Services is the first place you should go to when dealing with power steering issues. If you want peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in good hands, then you need to use Reynolds Automotive Services for your power steering repair needs. Contact Reynolds Automotive Service today and find out for yourself why we are the best auto shop around. We want to earn your trust.

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